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    Cascading Quick Filters with the worksheet refreshing only on the last level 'Apply'

    Mehul Modi

      Hello All,

      Wondering if something like this can be implemented in Tableau.


      I have cascading Quick Filters in the worksheet:

      Region -> Country -> State -> City


      And a viz that displays the data at the city level.


      In the currenty implementation, everytime the user chooses one or more Region values, the viz refreshes along with the Country, State and City quick filters. Same again when the user chooses Country or State or City.


      Is it possible to refresh the viz only when the user clicks on some Apply button and not everytime the values change in the Quick Filter.


      I am from a Cognos background and there we could create a separate prompt page which would use a separate query for the dropdowns with cascading effect. And once the user has made all the necessary selection, he would click on 'Run Report' button and the report would show the data for the final City dropdown values.


      Is something similar possible in Tableau?


      Thanks for the help.