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    Adding Item Cost and Shipping Cost for Total Price Custom Calc

    Ronald McPherson

      Hi All,


      I'm a bit stumped here and I've even revisited my lessons on the Superstore data set but still can't seem to figure this one out, or more specifically what I am doing wrong!


      I have the following data (subset):


      Item NumberOrder TimeItem CostShipment DateShipping CostOrder Status


      I am trying to create a calculated field which sums the item and shipping cost.  I keep getting all sorts of odd results.  I believe part of the complication is that the Item Number is repeated throughout my data set and is tied to different dates.  For example, item number 'ar1eLY5suhYasdsasad' was ordered on 3/22 and on 3/28 and both costs were different in these cases.


      Thanks for taking a look and appreciate any guidance/solutions that anyone can provide!