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    looking at coupon code for first order date

    Hunter Maxfield

      Hey forums


      I am looking at customer data for my company.  Like most ecommerce stores, we use coupon codes to help us track different initiatives that we are running.  What I want to look at in tableau is how many people have used a specific code for their first purchase, but didn't use that same one the second time they purchased.


      For example, lets say John used the code "12345" the first time he purchased.  Then John comes back 2 months later and buys a product but doesn't use a code at all.  The second order would have a null value for the coupon code.


      I have experimented with FIXED thinking this would do the trick, but I seem to still be making an error.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated!




      Message was edited by: Hunter Maxfield I added the packaged workbook.  The desired result is that the coupon code "example1" will also get attached to the second order by "john@x.com" instead of the null value.

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