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    Making the action url link dynamic

    Sri ch

      Hi all,


      I have a dashboard which has images and dashboard URL actions which is embedded with static URL.

      Now we are moving these dashboards to a different server, and changing the URLs for all dashboards is tedious. Is there any way where we can change the URLs dynamically depending on the project id and server instance name.


      For eg-


      https://(server instance name)/#/projects/(project id)/workbooks  - the ones in red should be populated depending on prod instance or dev instance




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          Bryce Larsen

          You could consider storing the various parts of the URL in the dataset that feeds the dashboard itself. And then you concatenate them to make a DashboardURL field that you can then use in the Action Filter.


          For instance, one of the dashboards we have has links to different dashboards tied to each metric. We store the ending of the URL with the metric and combine this with the website name in the workbook to create the field.


          Does this work? Or are you looking to automatically identify the server you're currently on?

          I'm sure that'd be ideal, but at least with the above method you only need to change the other parts once.

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            Sri ch

            Thanks Bryce.


            But i am looking to automatically identify server name .With above process we need to change the calculation atleast once for each dashboard on server which is equal to changing the dashboard actions URL.