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    Zulay Martinez

      Good afternoon

      Please who could help me I have this date format, and I do not know if it is done with a parameter of the view of the dashboard in quarterly and semi-annual monthly?

      I would like the columns to change depending on the date format that you choose that could be?

      Thank you


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          nikher verma

          Hi Zulay Martinez ,


          I guess you need to elaborate it more .


          But if your concern is why your date is 01/01/2014 , its because date are in its default formatting . you can change it from tableau sheet .



          Click on the date format and select your desired format .You also have a custom date format .



          In case I misunderstood ,please elaborate it more



          -Nikher Verma

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            Zulay Martinez

            Thans you but I would like to see the dashboard change the view as the image below ..... depending if I want to see it yearly, monthly, semi-annual etc


            Is possible?



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              nikher verma

              Yes , you can do that but you need to change it on worksheet in order to get it reflected on your dashboard .



              click on the + sign and it will drill down your report to quarterly , monthly , weekly and daily basis .


              or you can directly get it done to monthly or daily basis by right clicking on year .


              Select Year - for yearly ,quarter for quarterly and so on .


              and these changes will get reflected on your dashboard .



              If this what you were looking for, please mark it as helpful and correct in order to close the thread .


              -Nikher Verma

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                nikher verma

                Or are you trying to say that you want this drill-down functionality on your dashboard from where you  can change the view of your graph .

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                  Zulay Martinez

                  It does not work for me to use a parameter or filter in my Dashboard and I move it depending on the visualization that I would not know if I explain myself.


                  Like this...



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                    nikher verma

                    Please check the tableau public ,they have used same logic that you are looking for.


                    Tableau Public 

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                      Zulay Martinez

                      Sorry, I did not have the file in twbx, here is the attachment

                      Thank you for your support nikher verma 

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                        nikher verma

                        I am so sorry , i am struggling with language . But the problem is with your time display calculated field .Fecha is date ??


                        I am attaching a twbx file with only one sheet and its really simple .And in title I have mentioned the parameter and calculated field i have created .




                        -Nikher Verma