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    ZN Sum a subset of a column

    Kate Jones

      Using sample data: I want to count up the number of records with a ship mode of same day. So, I created a new column that says if ship date = same day then 1 and added a sum to my table. Now, if there is no data it connects the line to the next time there is a sum >0 so I add ZN() to the formula. Yay! It shows 0s, but wait. If I click on the drilldown I get way more lines then the sum. So, the plan was to add ship mode to the marks color card. Sadly this prevents the same day count from reaching zero.


      How can I use ZN() to pad data but have the view data only show the record that the sum is showing?


      Things that I cannot do:

      - Change the column dates to group by a time period (ex. weeks or month). This eliminates some formatting options I need

      - Change the dates to discrete. I am using reference lines to pad the full timeframe when the data doesn't reach both ends of the time period.


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