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    Adding Parcels to a Map

    Jesse London



      Very basic mapping question here. I have created a map with the default Tableau map background and points plotted by lat / long coordinates. The points can be selected to learn more information about each location. However, now I am interested in turning those points into the outlines of the properties that they represent (ie parcels / property boundaries). Only 30 properties or so will be shown. I found a pretty good example on someone else's Tableau Public:


      Tableau Public


      In what format does the data need to be to make this possible? I have access to GIS shapefiles if that helps.


      Thank you for your attention,


      - J

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Jesse,


          Just load up your shapefile and blend it with your data. Currently the shapefile has to be the master dataset on the sheet (but we are hoping this will change soon), so simply drag out the geography onto your sheet canvas and Tableau should automatically put the shapes into a map.


          Then blend the shapefile with your dataset, and once it is linked you can bring in the elements from the blended dataset that you are wanting to visualise.


          Another great tool to do this kind of thing is the drawing tool for tableau - its free.





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