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    Dashboard of Vertical Sheets - What Drives Height of Each Sheet

    David Coggan

      I have a simple dashboard made up primarily of 9 sheets (each is a horizontal bar chart).



      The number of rows on each sheet varies based upon filtering of the data, and some of the sheet may show no rows (expected).


      When I arrange the dashboard layout as follows and set the Fit = Fit Height for each Sheet I get unpredictable results. Some of the sheets are as expected (row height within each sheet), some of the sheets are highly compressed (row height within the sheet is almost unreadable), some of the sheets don't show the rows (even though they exist).



      What is driving the height of the sheets on the dashboard? (NOTE: none of the sheets have a fixed height specified). Obviously, Tableau is squeezing the height of some of the sheets to make everything fit within the dashboard size (in this case 850x2200), but why are some squeezed in height more than others? Why are they all not proportionally squeezed in height?