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    Reassign Legend Color Palette After Filtering

    Michael Atkins



      I am having some issues with color palettes in a legend. 


      I am creating a map visual that measures the volume of tasks and assigns a color based on the manager of that task.  The issue is that, by default, there are 200+ managers.  The map will normally be viewed after a user filters by a region or division, which shrinks the list of managers down to about 10-20, but the colors do not adjust in the legend along with the filter.  So if, for example, I have a manager named Adam and a manager named Alex their color's chosen by the default color palette could be very close together.  I'd like to have the color palette 'reset' when the filter is selected so that the palette is re-applied to the smaller subset of managers.  Is this possible in Tableau currently?


      Using Tableau 10.4.6 currently.