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    Jordi Grau

      Hello everyone,

      i've built a parameter to select the type of client and ofc if i want to display all types. As i know, parameters are just single select.

      Is there any way to build something as a filter that integrates 5-6 columns?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          was with you till the hard left turn - what " integrates 5-6 columns"  


          Your understanding of filters is correct - they are single valued and static but in themselves they don't do anything

          they have to be backed up with a calculation or filter

          so you can use something like [dimension]=[parameter value]   as a filter and place it on the filter shelf and set to true -

          you can do that for a number of parameters that are based on different dimensions and collectively they will act as an AND filter


          or you can use the parameter filter and then place the other dimension on the filter shelf --- show filter -- then only use the relevant values




          or any combination - several ways to go based on your need


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            Jordi Grau

            well it doesn't work as i wish.

            i have 6 columns displaying the number of clients per column (type of client)


            i'¡ve built a parameter but it's single select, i want a calculated field based on those 6 columns to multi select and display maybe 2 types of clients.


            tell me if it's clear, otherwise i'll try to re-answer your comment

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              Jim Dehner

              sorry Its not clear - please post your workbook

              if you are concerned about confidentiality see the link below

                 Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing



              but if you are trying to select more than 1 value - you will be using filters rather than parameters



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                Tableau doesn't currently support multi-valued parameters.

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  You can set up a series of parameters that can "simulate" a multi-select filter.  I just don't understand what "integrates 5-6 columns" really means, and I'm glad you called for a sample workbook here, Jim.


                  The closest example I can find right now for multiple params acting as a multi-select filter is a dashboard where I have three lines on a graph, and the user can select which line(s) he wants to see on the graph.  That part of my dashboard looks like this:



                  But I have seen one where the params were placed very close to each other, and they were set as sliders (with two choices per param -- Y/N), and using the slider controls, you can select or de-select values with a single click.  So the user interface is the roughly the same one-click behavior to select individual values as any filter would be.

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    But you have to have one param for each possible item in the list.  If you need 100 items, that could be cumbersome to maintain.  (Ditto if the list of values changes over time.)


                    With 5-6 values (if I understand the original post correctly), it would be workable.