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    Tableau Server SAML Authentication AWS

    Kris Reddy

      HI there,


      We’ve a burning issue at hand and need community’s help to make our Tableau journey pleasant.




      After upgrading Tableau server 10.4 to 10.5.3, we tried to setup the config to ensure the SAML integration with Salesforce is working fine. ( Xxxx uses Salesforce as their CRM tool and some of the dashboards of Salesforce embeds Tableau reports in it). To embed natively the SAML connection between the Salesforce and Tableau server needs to be established. (Think of certificates required, metadata needs to be imported, other config needs to be done ). Tableau Server is installed on AWS.




      SAML is reconfigured in the Tableau server and matched with the Salesforce metadata. A connection has been established. However, a redirect of the server address is happening after successful login from salesforce.


      Could someone out there please help us resolve this issu. Thanks in advance, Kris