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    Tableau Script Command - tabdoc

    anup kumar



      If you try a Tableau Shortcut : Alt+Shift+D you may get a Script Command (tabdoc) window from where you can do many things like Aggregating All measures in the sheet in one go, etc.


      If anyone has tried this can you give more explanation of how to use these commands in more effective way.




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          Gerardo Varela

          Hi Anup,

          The script commands are basically anything that Tableau does. Those are hidden in Tableau's debug menu.  It seems Tableau didn't hide the keyboard shortcut though. That's a bit odd, since they did hide the keyboard short cut for the widget sandbox. As for using them, you'll need to find out the parameters that are needed to active them. I don't know that anyone, except Tableau, that has  this documented.  The only person that I've seen talk about this is Tamas Foldi:   




          I wouldn't spend much time on this unless you specifically ask Tableau for permissions.  I feel that if someone did document their usage ,Tableau would point at their EULA, specifically the reverse engineering part.


          Best of luck!