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    How to do conditional color coding for all rows & How to display selected filter values in label?

    Vimal Annamalai

      Hi All,


      I have two requirements like below:-


      Requirement 1:-



      - > How to color code each every row based on the condition like if value > 0 Then 'Green' else 'RED'?



      Requirement 2:-


      - > How to display two different sheets selected filters values as label header in one new sheet (Note:  Should not be as sheet header, requirement is for label header)?



      Sheet 1 Filter


      Sheet2 Filter



      I tried to create a label Header but it is not displaying as expected



      When i remove any of the one filter, it shows some what expected results  but not satisfying full requirement. Below screenshot shows when i remove Branch2 filter from the sheet Header Requirement sheet.




      Yellow highlighted above should display 'A' as selected from Branch2 filter but not.


      I have attached my sample sheet too.  Your help will be appreciated more.


      Thanks in Advance.