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    How to make such an amazing motion chart?

    Tian Wang

      Hi there,


      I am new to Tableau and the reason why I joined was in particular this specific motion graph I saw.

      Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys - The New York Times


      I can imagine that the data points are plotted into x/y coordinates and they wander through the graph in motion. (Or there are other more fancy options?). But how did they make it possible, such that not all data points enter the graph at the same time, rather sequentially?


      We got similar data for 550 interviewees, who have been interviewed throughout a time of period. After each of the interviews, each interviewee got a score. The resulting data look like the example below. When I plot all 500 interviewees for each of the wave, it is almost impossible to recognize any of the data point. Therefore I though, if I could let them "walk in" sequentially like in the graph I have referred to, I may solve the problem. Or do you have any ideas, how I could approach the problem?


      Thanks a LOT!


      Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3
      Person 1123
      Person 2334
      Person 30.511.2
      Person 422.43
      Person 5