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    What is the "Tableau Way" for enterprise deployment of duplicate dashboards?

    Nik TeBockhorst

      I am working to figure out how/whether Tableau can work in an enterprise environment where we need to rapidly deploy and maintain multiple instances of similar reports.


      In this case, we are looking to provide centralized analytics dashboards using similar data sources (i.e. each report will have its own Google Analytics data source, Azure connections, etc.). It is important that these dashboards remain synchronized to the degree that we can make improvements to all of these dashboards simultaneously with minimal copy-and-paste or other manual effort (ideally none).


      With other services, we can parameterize our data source queries and just change those parameters so as to use a single report for all data. Tableau does not seem to have an equivalent ability for most of its data sources (only SQL, it seems).


      Is Tableau/Tableau Server capable of meeting this particular use-case, or is it only designed for one-off reports, each with its own set of data sources and connection properties?


      Thanks for your help!