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    String manipulation, Calculated fields, and filters...

    david white

      Hello, All.


      -I've got a table I'm working with that has 50,000+ items in an item number field and a description field.

      -I want the user to be able to filter on these items under one search bar so I created a calculated field with the desired appearance by concatenating the two fields [combo] : '(' + [id] + ')  - ' + [desc]

      -Once the user has selected an item from this [combo] filter I need to filter against the original [id] portion of the [combo] selection.



      User chooses (13) - Red Shoes

      Filter my order table by [id]=13


      Is there a way to access the original members of that calculated field?

      Or is there an easier / better method of doing this?


      Thank you!



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          Deepak Rai

          We need a workbook for exact your situation to help you.

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            Jim Dehner


            first the way you went -

            you created a calculated filed by concatenating 2 fields - the effect of that is to drop another column in the table that underlays the viz - so now there aren't 2 columns there are 3 - you can set up your filters in from the least specific to the most specific - using Only relevant values as shown below - (that is the opposite of you posted but you can't go back up the filter)



            a second approach is to create groups (actually I would be surprised if these groups weren't already in your data base as "Product Group" Product Family" or something else


            then do a search

            the group them together as shown

            but again you are going from least specific to most specific

            The third way ( the one I would do with 50k skus - is to set up a cross reference table outside of tableau in excel and upload it

            the table would have a column for the MOST specific level and another for each higher level that you want in the hierarchy

            then bring it into tableau and join on the most specific dimension (SKU)


            good luck


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