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    Black not available in Color Palettes

    Kate Piscopo



      I am creating a visual with a line plot (with multiple lines) overlaid on top of a bar chart (see image below).

      I am using the different colors of the bar chart as a "background," so I need strongly contrasting color options for the two different lines.  Ideally, I would like to have the two different lines be black and grey, (or even more ideally solid black and dashed black, but I've learned that Tableau has some serious beef with dashed lines and thus it is not possible). 


      Since I am using color to distinguish the different measures in the line plot, I can only select from the Tableau color palettes, and there does not seem to be a black or white color option within the color palettes.  Am I missing something?  This seems ridiculous.


      I have tried to update the preferences.tfs file and add in a custom color palette with no luck. 


      Any suggestions?