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    Switching Test Datasource to Prod Datasource



      I'm struggling since couple of days to switching datasource from test to

      1. As per Tableau support I created another datasource with
        Prod and used the edit relationship. It doesn't seems to work because when I
        close the test connection then it removing all the workbooks which was using
        the test connection.
      2. If I replace the datasource from test to prod then my
        calculated fields, sets and groups are broken.
      3. Is there an easy way to switch between test to prod
        without losing any work? This will be ongoing task for me switching between dev
        to test to prod. I need to establish the steps for future as well.
      4. Both datasets structures are same. I have alias in test
        connection. Do you think that is an issue?
      5. Your guide will be helpful.