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    Tableau Online sign-in ws

    Mike Moore

      Has anyone received this error and been able to resolve it? If so I appreciate any insight that can be shared.


      Details: This issue only occurs when I try to login from work laptop and it happens regardless of the browser. I have tried to clear my Windows Credential Manager and I have reset the box to a prior restore point but that did not work.  I am able to login using other computers, through Tableau Bridge and I can login from Tableau Desktop. Here is the reply from the case I opened with Tableau: "

      Localized the problem to your machine specifically not passing your SAML creds correctly. Your IT team may have to review the problem directly up to and including re-imaging your computer but it does not seem to be an issue with your AD object, SAML in general, or Tableau."


      Re-imaging the computer is not a viable solution. Thankfully this problem has not reached our executive level yet.