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    Same UPC # and different name

    Martin Roitman


      I have a list of item names with UPC #. The name of the items can change time to time, however, the UPC does not.

      When I try to make a table using the name, I have multiples lines of the same UPC with different name, for example:


      UPC               Name                     $

      1                        aa                         3

      1                        ab                         4

      2                        ba                         6

      2                         bb                         7

      3                         ca                         5


      Even if I invert the columns I can not get the total. I can only get the total when I remove the name. The problem is that I need the name.


      UPC and Name are "STRINGS" I can change UPC to Integer. I try it but didn't have any effect.


      Please let me know if there is an easy solution for this.