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    Disable Continuous Date Filter - Parameter

    Karthikeyan Masialamani



      I have 2 filters which are Project Status ( RED, AMBER, GREEN, Null) and Target Delivery Date ( Continuous Date field where the report use 'Next 90 Days') by default).


      Her the tableau will apply AND between these 2 filters.


      Our requirement is to apply OR condition WITHOUT using additional sheet.


      say for example, If I choose 'RED' & 'AMBER' then I will have to get all the project irrespective of Target Delivery Date ( it could be past/ next ... but it doesn't matter only need to apply Project status filter here).


      is it possible to disable this continuous date filter here? I looked here and found 1 solution, but it is not working properly for Continuous type date filter.


      Inputs are highly appreciable!


      I am trying to achieve this in a single sheet so not looking for  2/3 sheet options.