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    Date Time issues

    Kevin Dunn

      I am obtaining my MBA and wanted to track the amount of time I am spending doing the required papers.  I started with excel and just using a simple pie or bar graph to illustrate.  Then I was introduced to tableau and I started running into problems with the times and dates from my excel spreadsheet which is set up like a timesheet however when I bring the information into tableau it returns dates from 1900 etc and I am having problems figuring out how to clean the data to make a better representation.  I am able to make simple comparison in Tableau but I am trying to clean the sheets to try some different viz I am stuck on. 


      Primary issue if you look at any of the sheets I have date and clock in out and sum. However, when imported in tableau they come up 1900 etc. how do I fix that without manually going back and fixing every excel sheet and entry? Is there a training video I haven't seen yet on date issues?  I watched date calculations already and it doesn't address the issue.




      Viz Novice


      I am currently using tableau 2018 and prep

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          I took a quick look at the data,

          and just wanted to see if there was an excel format

          that would work straight up with Tableau.


          I transposed the data into:





          Then I pulled this into Tableau and created the start times as:


          and likewise for the other start and finish times.


          Each set had it's own difference:



          and then summed those up:



          It seems likely that these manipulations can be done in Prep.


          Please see workbook attached in the Forum Thread.

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            Kevin Dunn

            Thanks for the information.  I did not know about makedate function you have suggested.  I will play with this and see what I can come up with.