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    Update Time Function Caption Won't Fit?

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      I'm a little stumped by this one and it should be so easy? (Probably is)


      I am just wanting to put a little timestamp in the bottom of a dashboard saying when it was updated.

      So I created a worksheet with nothing in it but a caption with the update time function.

      On the dashboard before published it looks like:

      But whenever I publish to server it looks like the following and gets chopped:

      I have played with the sizes of "fit entire view" "fit height" etc but nothing is working?

      If I cannot get this to work is there an easier way to accomplish what I am attempting to do?

      Also I do get the following error when publishing? What is it talking about? Is the data source not SuperStore?



      Thanks all for any support! My quick superstore dashboard is attached.