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    [ISSUE] Exporting from 2018 to 10.5 makes String comparison Case-sensitive

    Jeremy Calloud

      When exporting a 2018.1 twbx as a 10.5 version, all my String statements will become case-sensitive, while they aren't in 2018.1. This results in the same workbook giving completely different results depending on which version of Tableau is used to open it.


      e.g: Let's say I have a Store called 'NEW-YORK'.



      This will return TRUE in 2018.1 but FALSE in a downgraded 10.5 version of the same workbook.


      Is this a known non-supported feature of 10.5? A malfunctioning downgrade function? Is 2018.1 supposed to be case-sensitive in the first place? Does 10.5 natively created string comparison always are case-sensitive?