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    How to keep count Fixed To Two Dimension for Previous Value


      Hi All,


      This Discussion is continuation of below thread.  If I change the parameters, previous value should remain constant .





      As Joe suggested I do get the Previous value by keeping it fixed.

      How ever, If I filter by region, then count is different.


      So, in this example, If i filter by Region East, Previous quantity shows 4 for 4/17/2017 where as it should be 1(worksheet-Quantity-2).


      My calculation should be in two steps.


      1. Calculation  [Prior quantity -Fixed] -  { FIXED [Order Date],[Region]:COUNTD([Quantity])}

      2.   { FIXED : COUNTD( if [Order Date] >= Dateadd( [Select Period], -1, DATETRUNC([Select Period],[Date Selection]))

      and [Order Date] <= dateadd( [Select Period], -1 , [Date Selection]) then

         [Prior quantity -Fixed] end) }



      This calculation doesnt seem to work.

      Can somebody please help me with this?