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    Heat Map - Probability and Impact

    Aisling Towey

      Hi all,


      I have 100 lines or so of data as follows:


      Risk               Impact          Probability

      R1                    4                         5

      R2                    2                         3

      R3                    1                         1


      Impact and probability are both on a scale of 1-5. I am essentially looking to create a 5x5 matrix and in each cell have the labels for all risks that fall into that cell similar to the below but the labels of each risk in the appropriate cells and probability on a scale of 1-5. The solutions I have found online seem quite complicated so wondering if anyone has found a simple solution!





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          Cristian Saavedra



          If I understood well, I created this quick version to show you what you can do using two data sources and blend with a common variables (Impact and Probability):


          The first Data Source is for create the Map or how should be, with all the possibles values for Impact and Probability and color

          The second data source is with the risk and categorization.


          You can change easily to % doing a formula that change the value.


          If you think that solve your issue, please mark as a correct answer.



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            Aisling Towey

            Hi Cristian,


            Thank you for your quick response.


            Is it necessary to blend the data from two sources? All of my data is in one source. This is what I am looking for though and looks great only I also want to include labels showing the risks that fall in each square so for example R1 labelled in the square with impact 4 and probability 5.


            Thanks again,


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              Cristian Saavedra

              Sure, I did two source to be more clear and easy to handle, there are ways to use in one single data source but you don't need it.

              The first source is only to define the mapping or know how to categorize the data, this source will be static.

              The second source is your data of risks.


              For your question, yes you can add the risk in the square the only that you need is add the risk to the text.

              I added an example to show you how to add the label.


              If the list is long, you can add in the tooltip the detail. (Move the mouse without click in the marked squares)

              I added in the example too.


              I forgot to mention, if you have a patron for the color then you can create a formula and then not need the first data source.

              Something using module operator (%) to jump each 3 or something like that.

              To be honest I was lazy to find a formula that do the same, normally this things changes and for a 5 x 5 matrix is easy

              to create a data source with all the options.


              If you think that solve your issue, please mark as correct answer.



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                Aisling Towey

                Thanks Cristian, I am getting there now. The only issues I am having now are with the labels. When I put the labels in, they are coming up as "*" as per the screenshot below. I am presuming this is because I have multiple numbers or would you have any insight into this?


                Thanks again,



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                  Cristian Saavedra

                  Hi, Yes, the * means many values. That is why I suggested to have on the tool tip the list of the Risk and on the square the number, and then when pass the mouse over show the list of risk.


                  There is another way to do it, more fixed and need a little more knowledge of Tableau, creating a dashboard that each workbook represent a Square and fix the filter of impact and probability for the case only.

                  I attached a draft version of what I am saying, by mistake I changed the coordinates means (Impact is y axis and Probability is x) in my example, but is still valid to show how to do it.

                  Inside of the Square then you can chart as a list or as a Bubbles, I added both examples too.


                  I hope that works for you.