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    Default Selection on Heat Map Based on Calculated Value

    gaurav tilara

      Hi Community,




      We have a scenario where in a Dashboard we have a Heat Map, created using a Calculated Field showing the split of Performance across various categories in conjunction with other visualizations .

      The Heat map shows the information about a person having best performance ,thus having the biggest area in the map as compared to other low performers.


      Now, we want to select the Highest Performing Value/area in the Heat Map by default and show its subsequent categories in the other visualization.


      For Ex :


      We have 4 Agents : A1 - A4, with A1 performing the best. Now , we want A1 to be selected by Default , also showing the categories where A1 has performed lowest in a different table. Along with this, the user should have the permission to select other low performing agents as well and hence showing their low performing categories as well.


      Please help us with the implementation.