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    Help - Sorting option when using parameters

    Clement Larre

      Hello Tableau Team,


      I have a tableau below showing month and quarters in my columns. Nothing complicated.

      I have added two parameters :

      Choose a view allowing the user to change from 'Area Ops' to 'Country' or to 'City'

      And Choose a metric allowing the user to see different metric( Ex: Total Lounges Sales vs. LY%, Total Lounges Sales vs. LY$, Total Lounges Sales vs. BUD%, Total Lounges Sales vs. BUD$)


      It seems to work. However, the user can't sort the column to see from the largest to lowest or lowest to largest for a certain month for example.


      It does work with one of the choice  "Total Lounges Sales vs. LY%', but they can't do it when selecting other choices.


      Any ideas, of what I missed or should adjust? It would be very useful for the team using this dashboard.



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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Clement,


          Difficult to say without twbx file although I do have one post for you as ---> Creating a Parameter Control to Sort By Dimension | Tableau Software


          See if it helps or kindly post a twbx file.




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            Clement Larre

            Dear Ritesh,


            Thank you very much for your help, and my apologies for my late reply.

            I have attached the Tableau workbook. It will indeed be easier to understand.

            Basically, this dashboard gives a lot of filtering possibilities to the user.


            In addition to the main filters on the top, I have added two parameters:


            1. " Choose a view" to allow the user to see by hotel, cities, etc.

            2. Choose a metric view, to allow the user to see different metrics whether in % or in $.


            The issue that I face is that is I choose a metric view other than Total F&B Sales - vs. LY %, I can't sort my months from the largest to smallest or smallest to largest anymore. It works only with this metric.

            I am not sure why, but I really need to have this capability for any metric that is chosen.


            Ex: If I want to rank my best performers for oct. I can't to that... 


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              Sohan Jawar

              Hi Clement,


              Sorting in tableau works based on the Grand Total of the measure by which you would like to Sort the Data. In such a case you would need to create different sheets for each month and allow people to Sort the data for that particular month in the respective sheet. However that sort will not effect or change the other months sheet.




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