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    Data mapping

    Yeok Song Ng

      I have a bunch of salesrepIDs.

      However, due to my strange business practice, the sales rep ID changes whenever salesrep move across division.

      Furthermore, IT doesnt include a unique ID for each salesrep so i have to depend on salesrepID as the unique identifier.

      Therefore, I need to map old IDs to new IDs as well as mapping multiple IDs to new ID.

      I do this by using calculated fields with lots of IF ELSE statement.


      My question is, is there a better way to do this?


      I don't want to use data blending because i need to use LOD statement

      I think Alias is not a good idea even though i have not tried it

      Any help appreciated

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          Jim Dehner


          I feel  your pain -

          This is very similar to dealing with changes in product lines where one product replaces another but the client was to see the history as if it is a single product


          One way to do it is with a cross reference table that you could join (not blend) with the data - think of the Current active ID as your unique identifier and another dimension as "Old ID" The current ID is unique (the parent) but can have many "Old Id's including the current ID) in that way you can form a hierarchy from current ID to all the id's tied to it


          Then join them and use your current id as the unique identifier in the Viz



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