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    Date-range filter breaking (Tableau Public on Chrome bug only?)

    Jaleen Grove

      I am using a date-range filter in several dashes so users can narrow the population of the viz.


      It is working fine on several dashes, but not on one. It works fine in Tableau Desktop 10.5, but when I upload and test it on Tableau Public on Mac/Chrome, that one dash's date-range filter totally locks up. It seems to be fine on Safari.


      What happens is, when you slide the little knobs, it jumps to make itself into a short bar, and then stays like that and won't budge.  It may also trigger the site to reload.


      Compare dashes 2 and 4 (OK) to dash 11 (breaks): Tableau Public


      But why only this one dash, and why not on Safari?


      Anyone else had this happen on other browsers?