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    Parameter working on some pages but not others (10.5)

    Jaleen Grove

      I have a very simple parameter set up so that users can type in a number to limit the population of the sheet to Top _#__ of several thousands.


      This is a multi-dash project and the parameter setting carries over to each page the parameter is shown on (this wasn't necessary, but doesn't ruin anything).


      It inexplicably stopped working on one sheet/dash. It has no effect on the rest of the viz or other dashes, and it no longer registers anything if it gets changed on one of the other dashes (unlike before it stopped).


      I have checked that no settings in the parameter have changed. I recreated a brand new sheet and put the parameter fresh into it, and it still won't work.




      A date-range filter breaks when I upload to Tableau Public.



      Hints on either - ?


      Project (go to 10th screen):

      Tableau Public