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    Time Series Plotting  - Actual vs forecast - Motion Plot

    sabarish palanisamy



      I am trying to create a motion plot for a time series data. It has date, actual and predicted price as shown below. I am marking All in history and showing both trails and marks.


      I want to plot like - Till 7 AM ,I want to see the Actual price plotted. At 8AM, I want to see the actual price at 8 AM and also the Predicted Price which is available at 9 AM row.

      At 9AM , I want to plot the Actual price at 9AM and Predicted price available at 10 AM (Also, the previous Predicted Price should be removed). At any point of time, I want to see only 1 predicted price but actual price should be plotted from the first. I am attaching my tableau project as well.


      I am trying lot of methods but couldn't get the result


      06-03-18 1:0010
      06-03-18 2:0020
      06-03-18 3:0030
      06-03-18 4:0040
      06-03-18 5:0050
      06-03-18 6:0060
      06-03-18 7:0070
      06-03-18 8:0040
      06-03-18 9:005060
      06-03-18 10:006070
      06-03-18 11:0075