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    How to consider the union of date fields in Tableau to populate a line and bar chart in tableau

    Archana Sharma

      Hi Team,


      Case study: I have  two fields called snap shot IB and Snap shot PQM, I want to consider the union of these 2 fields and need to drag it on column section and I have 2 measure values called IB and Complaint #, which I need to drag it in row shelf to visualize a line/bar chart.

      My Snap shot IB and Snapshot PQM is having same values in year/mm form (i.e, 201601, 201602 until 201806)


      I need to validate the things like


      if (snapshot ib >= '201601' or snapshot PQM >='201601') then 'yes' end


      So, when I am considering only snapshot pqm in column shelf my Complaint # is coming fine as expected, whereas my IB # goes off. And when I am only considering snapshot ib in column shelf my IB # comes fine and Complaint # goes off.



      My ask : How I can consider the 2 date fields in column shelf and populate the line/bar chart so that my IB # and complaint# are as expected .


      Attaching the .twbx created from Tableau 10.2



      Looking for any solution or suggestion ASAP.