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    Benchmarking Options

    Jason Leadbetter

      Hello All,


      We use Athena for our HMS.  Athena has Azara as a reporting/analytics integration partner.   The one neat feature Azara has, is the abilty to benchmark against other healthcare groups.   Is this something that is possible with Tableau or the Tableau Health Community?



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          Cody McKinney

          Good luck Jason with getting Athena to help with Tableau.  I have been working with them for about three months to try to access our data.  We are creating some dashboards from exported spreadsheet reports from Athena, but nothing that is automated.  We also have our data warehouse feed that allows us access to tons of .csv files for dashboard creation, but we are trying to develop a SQL data warehouse for that information.  Finally, I have tried to get Athena to explain how to connect to their API structure so I can access "live" data, but that is not accomplished yet.


          As for comparing against other practices, I'm not sure they will allow you to extract that information.  Athena is now providing us a report where they compare our health center (FQHC) vs. only other health centers, but that is their report we get from our account manager.


          Last, I do know that Athena has adopted Tableau as an internal reporting tool for them, and I have seen a couple of reports that I instantly recognized as Tableau.  Hoping they get comfortable with how to allow their customers more access to the data so we can work more fluidly with Tableau.


          All that being said, I am just a CFO with no data management/analyst background, so maybe there is more that can be done with all the data than I realize, but it has been frustrating getting Athena to work with this for me.

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            Eric Liong

            Hi Jason,


            We're just beginning a lengthy EPIC install but I know EPIC has bench marking between other EPIC users and health groups.


            The question isn't whether it's possible in Tableau because it definitely is, but where would the data come from. Depending on where you are you could get benchmarks and metrics from a central regulator or the government and then use those values to either join or blend into your own dataset.


            I've seen our own analysts with Province averages or country wide averages from the government.

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              We should start an athena/Tableau help group...


              I've been pushing for the data warehouse feed since I got here, but still no approval.  Did not know it was possible to access data via an API..


              And of course the classic Account Manager reports!  Just don't try to customize them unless you want to shell out big $. 


              Your best bet is definitely to push the DWF data into a SQL database.  Probably no small endeavor. 


              Would love to hear how everyone progresses over time with athena data and Tableau.



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                Jason Leadbetter

                After nearly six months, Athena is finally dropping files for our data warehouse.  Still haven't had the time to get them databased, but I'm excited about the potential.  They initially sent us down the API and FTP'd reports path, but finally mentioning the data feed.


                We are an FQHC as well.  I'd be interested in seeing that report.  Do you know the reports name?


                Didn't know about the integration with Athena and Tableau, I'll have to investigate that further.

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                  Cody McKinney


                  They call it a CareCheck report.  You have to ask your Account Manager to produce it for you.  Email my work email at clmckinney@crchc.org, and I will send you our recent copy so you can see what they are creating.  It has some good information, and we have a monthly call with the manager to go over the report. 


                  Also, I could send you a PDF of a couple dashboards we have created in our center -- one on provider productivity and one for no show reports. 


                  I would encourage you to join the SafetyNet Healthcare groupSafety Net HealthCare to see what West County Community Health in La Jolla, CA is doing with Tableau.  They are not using Athena, but their Tableau content in the FQHC environment is incredible.  They have been very helpful to us, and they even did a one hour WebEx to show off their work.  They have built off the concepts that Simon Beaumont - Profile and his team in England have built.  He is like my Tableau god for healthcare and Tableau.  We are using his organization's style guide (modified of course) to structure how we build out dashboards across our health center.

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                    Man Tsui

                    For UC Davis Health, we use ActionOI for hospital benchmarking.


                    Internal Tableau dashboards have been developed based on ActionOI hospital benchmark data/reports.