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    Tableau workgroup database replication

    srikanth boddupalli



      We have, in last month, setup our tableau server on Azure. As per configuration item "wgserver.audit_history_expiration_days" it seems that workgroup stores only 183 days of history. We have a requirement to expose the readonly user to site admins so that they can query postgres workgroup database directly to better administer tableau server and it's usage. So now we are trying to understand what is best thing to do here? Is it advisable to expose the readonly password to a group of users? Our concern is it may impact the production server performance. We also want to understand what Tableau server administrators are doing currently and what would your advice or suggests would be? Do we need to do a CDC on all the tables to capture the incremental/change data and pump into a different database or we need to identify the select few tables required and then do a CDC on them? As we new to the whole server administration, we may not be in a position to correctly identify the tables at this point, so looking for any suggestions or idea from Tableau community.