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    Header alias in dashboard

    TEnzin Dolma

      Hi all,


      I have three worksheets arranged together on the dashboard and everytime I am changing the header in one worksheet, the change is being applied to every other worksheet on the dashboard. How can I make the headers independent from each worksheet?



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          Deepak Rai

          Which Header You are Talking about? Are not the 3 Sheets Different?

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            Mavis Liu

            Hi Tenzin,


            When you get an alias, it will change it for the same attribute across the dashboards. Tableau automatically makes things consistent.


            If you want different head names for each worksheet, make a duplicate of the field and then change the alias:






            So in your case, you'd have to make 2 duplicates of that field (ie have 3 fields in total if you count the original), then create your aliases for each field and then use one of the three fields for each worksheet.





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