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    Top N Based on Measure without showing Dimension in View

    Jeffrey Liou



      I've tried making this work and researching online for the past few days and I haven't been able to find the solution that I've been looking for.  Something that I am trying to do is to trend the the Summation of Revenue from our Top 10 accounts.


      For example, if we have the following data:


      Essentially, I want to sum the Revenue high-lighted in yellow but NOT display the list of accounts.  The complexity arises where the Top 10 accounts change by week and that we want to aggregate more than just the Top 10 - I would like to show Top 10, Next 11 - 20, Next 21 - 30, etc up to 100+.  The end goal is to show something like this via Tableau:


      I've tried using FIXED and INCLUDE but neither yield what I am looking to build when I remove the accounts dimension field from the visualization.  Is there a way to do this?