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    Tableau Prep - Oracle

    julian grace

      I am trying to use Tableau Prep and I got an error. After installed the driver, I can login and I can't view any tables. What could be an issue? My image # 1, I can connect to Oracle using Tableau Desktop, but image #2, I can't view any tables after login.tprep.png

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          Isaac Kunen

          Hi Julien,


          This is expected, although admittedly a little obscure. We don't immediately load metadata from Oracle because it can be rather slow.


          So if you know your schema, put it in the box and hit enter. Otherwise, just put your cursor in the box and hit enter and we'll fetch all the schemas:


          Now you should see the schemas populate. Select one and repeat the process for tables: if you know it, enter it; otherwise just hit enter in the box and we'll load everything.


          Now you should have your tables, and away you go!




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