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    countd of (id) wnat countd of (id) where if = 1

    Shea Moyner

      If I put the provider status on the shelf the calculation works but does not give me what I need

      I need the total countd(id) then only the countd(id) where the if applies but I still need the countd(id) overall to show as it is for 6299.


      IF ATTR([Provider Status]) = 'NON-PAR'

      THEN COUNTD([Rptg Mdcr Id]) END


      Ultimately it would look like:

      STATE     Distinct RptID       Distinct NonPar RptID

      BCC         6299                              1053


      I have attached an example twbx and yes I know the numbers vary from the above because it is just a small example of the overall data. So in the WB the Distinct RptID is 2243 but the NonPar should be a subset of that.