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    Maintain Width of Viz

    george dudley



      We have a dashboard with  some internal metrics (please pardon all the grayed out spots), and I have a formatting problem.  When the data is unfiltered, the vizzes fill their layout containers,


      but when we filter down to a few values the area of the viz will shrink, leaving areas of the background color.


      If I use the Entire View, or Fit Height, or Fit Width options the unfiltered data will jam all 100+ values into the viz, making it unreadable (in the screen shots the "Standard" fit option is used) .  I did figure out a work-around by shading the layout containers white, but I am curious if there is a way to make the viz maintain its area when filtered down to just a few values. 


      I can't attach the workbook because the data is confidential.


      Thanks, George

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          Michael Gillespie

          Are you using the "Fix Width" and "Fix Height" options on the containers as well?

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            george dudley

            Hi Michael,


            Thank you for the response.


            I'm not sure what you mean.


            First, a little clarification.  I'm sure you realize from looking at the screen shots that the upper left and bottom vizzes are the two that are messing me up.  The upper left is a height problem, and the bottom one is a width problem.  


            I know there is a "Fixed Height" option on the context menu for each viz, but I don't see a "Fix Width" option anywhere. I looked on the Worksheet menu and the Format menu, too.


            The way I have it set up now, the containers are maintaining their size, and the result is not too bad (below).  I did have a nice dividing line between the title and body of each viz (you can see it on the other two vizzes), but that goes away when I shade the entire layout container.  Still, I can live with it, I am just looking for a better way.


            Thanks, George


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              Michael Gillespie

              Those 2 options are the context menu for the Horizontal and Vertical container objects.  They allow you to toggle between what I'll call "container managed height/width" and "user managed height/width".



              Select the layout container in question and play with those options to see if it helps.


              Height applies to Verticals; Width to Horizontals.

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                george dudley

                Maybe it is just that we are in an older version (10.3).  We can't update with any agility because many of our clients have IT issues with updating their Readers.  This is the context menu I get for a layout container.

                container context menu.png

                Thank you again for your help.

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                  Michael Gillespie

                  You would think I would remember to ask that question first, wouldn't you?


                  You are of course correct: this is newer functionality (10.4 or .5 I think).  Very handy for precisely the situation you find yourself in.


                  I feel like I've solved that problem before though, so let me ponder it a little while...

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                    george dudley

                    Well, again, I appreciate your willingness to put your energy into this, and I look forward to anything you have to add, but please don't overextend yourself.  It is awesome that you have spent as much time on this as you have.


                    Thanks, George