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    Font Error in Dashboard in Tableau Public

    Siroros Roongdonsai

      I have published a dashboard on Tableau Public since las month and there is no problem. Last 2 days I have found that may dashboard was error.  On my dashboard I have 2 languages (Thai and English) . I have found that my fonts was error. It used to work well. I have been trying to figure out the problem by changing to Tahoma , tableau light  and other kind of font which I thought it may supports . but it still does not work yet. When I republish my dashboard the same problem was still appear. In addition, I tested my dashboard by publish only the problem sheet . It worked  The font showed normally, but whenever it is combined in the dashboard my Thai font was error.

      Here is the link to my dashboard   https://public.tableau.com/profile/siroros.roongdonsai#!/vizhome/LiteratureinEarlyofRattanskosinEra/Dashboard1


      I saw another dashboard which presented in Thai. It does not have any problem.

      Please investigate or suggest the solution for me. I look forward hearing from you. Thanks for kind support in advance.


      Best Regards,

        Siroros Roongdonsai