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    Use Parameter for X and Y fields in Map Background Image


      I'm trying to create a logo to use for all of my dashboards.  I need to be able to hover over it and get a tooltip.  I also need to be able to change the source image and have it update all of my tableau dashboards at once.  I think I've figured out how to do it via Map Background Images. 


      My last hurdle is trying to avoid adding any additional fields to my data sources.  In the attached workbook, I can't find a way to set the X and Y fields using a Parameter.  My only option is an actual data source field or a calculated field.  The problem there is I either have to have an extra data source or I have to add two calculated fields to every data source/workbook that will contain the logo.  However, if I could instead use a parameter then there would not be additional fields added to the data source (at least when you View Data). 


      Can anyone help me figure out how to use a parameter for X and Y in the below scenario?