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    ToolTip for fields hided in hierarchy

    Karthikeyan Masialamani



      I have 12 dimensions under a hierarchy and the last one is URL link to some other application. say for example, If the user click on any project then this link will appear as a tooltip and then they can open that particular application ( project id will be passed to that URL). All comes under a hierarchy, so mostly user will see the first 3 dimension/columns. This field comes in the last and hided it from the report view ( disabled show header). I don't want to move this field to 2nd or 3 rd place, because it may ask 2 click to navigate from one field to another ( as it was hided).


      If all the columns drill downed then it is coming in the toopltip, but I want to display it even if I have only one dimension in the report. is it possible?