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    Hide labels in bar chart based on filter selection

    Mike B

      I've got a few dashboards in one project and the main goal is to show our sales team their performance by job type, client, industry etc, as well as a few small pieces of info on how they compare to other sales people.


      I've create a bunch of dashboards and charts that do exactly what I need to do in terms of showing by the various breaks, linking the filters for salesperson and year across all sheets - works great.


      I'm running into issues where I'm trying to blind some of the data though. I'd like to create a bar or pie chart that shows:

      - Their sales performance relative others

      - CountD clients vs. others

      - CountD jobs sold vs. others


      So I'd like something like a bar chart (or even pie) to show up, where you'd see all the bars, but only either the label for the filtered salesperson or the color on that bar shows up and the rest are grey. I can only figure out how to do something like this using a parameter, but that sort of break the flow of setting the salesperson filter once and then the whole dash is ready to go for that meeting.


      So is there a way to... access the value of the filter without actually filtering out the data from that particular view? Any other way of accomplishing this?