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    Issue with filtering out the data

    Rajesh Kota



      I am facing issue with the below scenario.


      I have a bar chart containing 300 products manufacturing time & these product names are unique.

      So on the X axis - product names are present and in the Y axis - Manufacturing time related to each product.


      Now i need Top 50 products manufacturing time sorted on Date_Time dimension.

      So i filtered out Top 50 products using INDEX() Function and sorted ProductName by field Date_Time and Aggregation -Maximum.


      Finally i added AVG,MAX,MIN reference lines to this view.


      The problem is I want those AVG,MAX,MIN values in other sheet without using ProductName in the view & when i am trying to place the AVG,MAX,MIN values in other sheet, values are calculating for all 300 productnames rather than Top 50 products even if i use same filters in both the sheets.


      P.S: Index() calculation i am not able to use in the 2nd sheet because i dont want ProductName in the view.


      Any way to handle this issue?


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.