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    YTD in Subtotals

    Deepika Goyal



      Got stuck in some situtation and would require your help.


      I have table which runs month on month based on date filter and it shows last 12 months data.


      e.g if user has selected April'18 then table would show months from April 17 till April 18. This i have done through  below code

      [Month]>= DATEADD('month', -12,[Period]) AND  [Month] <=  [Period]  ( Period is parameter and Month is my date column) and there are subtotals and grandtotal in the table.


      Now, user wants to show YTD totals in the Subtotal which is not happening today.


      e.g. if user has selected Period as Feb'18 then Subtotal of 2017 would be Jan +  Feb '17 and subtotal of 2018 would be Jan+Feb '18.


      Please help