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    Custom Grouping

    Artee Jajoo

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement in which I need to group the regions and show both the group values and individual region values in a single dimension. If I create a group, then I do not individual Regions as selection (which I want to use in a quick filter). Request your inputs on how to achieve this?


      Available Region (in db)
      South West
      North West
      South East
      North East



      Expected Display
      South West
      North West
      South East
      North East
      East Region Only >> Consists of East, North East and South East
      West Region Only >> Consists of West, North West and South West
      All regions except West >> Consists of East, North East, South East, North, South
      All regions except East >> Consists of West, North West, South West, North, South




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          Tushar  More

          Hi Artee,


          This is not straight forward. You will have to union your data so as to get the desired result.



          Please check the attached workbook.


          Let me know if this helps.



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            Mavis Liu

            Hi Artee,


            The easiest method would be to create a parameter and then create a calculated field:


            Set it from your and add on the East Region Only etc to the parameter list.




            Then create a boolean calculation:


            if [Regions] = 'East Region Only'

            then CONTAINS([Region],'East')

            elseif [Regions] = 'West Region Only'

            then CONTAINS([Region], 'West')

            elseif [Regions] = 'All regions except West'

            then not CONTAINS([Region], 'West')

            elseif [Regions] = 'All regions except East'

            then not CONTAINS([Region], 'East')

            else [Regions] = [Region]



            So now bring that calculated field into to the filters and set it to true. Then the parameter should act as the filter:



            Please see the attached workbook so that you see what's been done.





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              Andrew Dawson

              Hi Artee,


              Hopefully the attached workbook using a parameter and multiple groupings solves some of your question.



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                anand mishra


                This requirement cant be achieved using grouping.You need to create a set for achieving the solution.As same value cant be present in two diffferent groups like you want east to be present in east as well except east as well as except west which is only possible and easy by the help of set.create four sets for east,west,except east,except west and in east set select manually every value that corresponds to that set just by single right click on the value which you want to take in a particular set ...then by dragging these sets on canvas you can see in and out members of a particular set,like here i have a name coloumn and a region coloumn.

                So when i drag name,region and the four created set to rows shelf..i get each guy of each region visible with either in our out of that set..Please look at attached workbook....

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                  Anupam Mehta

                  Hello Artee


                  The below link might help you to achive your requirment. Credit to Zhouyi Zhang.