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    LOD issue

    Scott Schmeling



      I am trying to create a table that will show the following.


      LocationSevere in Time
      Severe totalModerate in TimeModerate Total


      I create a calculated field to tell me if something is done in time and am using it as a filter.  What I seem to be having issue with is the LOD expression for the totals.


      I Tried the following:

      {fixed [Center], [Level] : Count([Client Num])}


      However the issue I am running into is.


      1. The totals for the LOD are not what they are supposed to be, it seems to be adding too many numbers.


      I'm sorry I can't attach a WB everything is very personal data on clients..  I will try to get a mock data loaded but really difficult.  Any help at all would be appreciated.



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          Hello Scott,


          Without the sample data and .TWBX file it is difficult to look into the issue.


          Looking at the LOD {fixed [Center], [Level] : Count([Client Num])}, this will return the count of Client Num for each Center and Level.


          Check this video for more information: FIXED LOD Examples - Part 1 - YouTube


          Hope this helps.



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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning Scott

            Understand that your data is sensitive - there are ways to obscure details          Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


            that said ad guessing at the issue when you use fixed LOD's you are creating another level in the data that the combinations of dimensions that precede the colon and aggregates them by what follow the colon in the statement - the LOD is not an aggregate in itself so when you bring it to the viz it aggregates - look at you viz the default is sum - so that is one possibility

            the other is your lod aggregated with Count which is equivalent to counting each record for each customer - is that what you wanted or did you want countd which will count each customer only once for each center/level combination




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              Deepak Rai

              Pl create a workbook with dummy data and post it along with what is desired



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                Scott Schmeling

                That's exactly what is happening Jim.  though when I try to get rid of the aggregation it still won't work.  I'm working to get the dummy data completed so I can show what is happening.



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                  Scott Schmeling

                  Thank you all for your help on this.  It actually ended up being that I forgot a Dimension to factor by, got caught up thinking the filter on the sheet would cover that but in reality I know it doesn't take that into account.  Simple brain freeze on the LOD formula.


                  The final Formual was:


                  {fixed [Center], [Level], [Period] : Count([Client Num])}


                  Thanks again.