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    How to add threshold lines

    Alex Martino

      Hello. How can I add two threshold lines? 1 vertically at 50 sales and 1 horizontally for refund rate at 10%? Thanks. Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 12.35.02 AM.png

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Alex,


          You can add in reference lines but both will be vertical because both your refund and sales are columns.


          Go to analytics pane and drag in either a constant line or reference line. Reference line gives you more options from the default pop up though. Please drag constant or reference line to table:




          In the pop up set the drop down to 'Constant' and enter in your threshold value. In the label you can select custom and type in specific text and add in the value field (this is the threshold amount).




          Then repeat the steps and create another line for profit. The ultimately you'll get this view:






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            Tushar  More

            Hi Alex,


            From your screenshot, I think you won't be able to add a reference/constant line horizontally in your view. Tableau requires a continuous field or measure to plot the line. In your case you have a dimension so you can't add line horizontally. However, you can add line vertically using the Analytics pane.


            Hope this makes sense.



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