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    Global Parameter

    Rahul Pawar



      I am looking for a solution similar to the apply button tweak we can do to Filters where dashboard will reflect after all the filters are chosen.

      I want to apply the similar thing but for parameter, where after selecting all the parameters it should refresh the dashboard.


      Any ideas?




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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Parameters are global by there nature but the parameter must be included in one or more calculated field - you can apply the calculated field selectively to individual worksheets or use the parameter in different calculations on different sheets - bear in mind the parameter is set by  the user and remains constant until manually changed




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            Rahul Pawar

            Hii Jim,


            Thanks for your reply. But I am looking to update all the parameters at once.


            Below is the image for your reference. I want user to select all the 4 dates from below parameter and there should a go button which should update the dashboard at once instead of updating 4 times. Any ideas?






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              Jim Dehner

              Understood -

              I don't believe that is possible at the current time - parameters are manually set indivisually by the user

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